Monday, May 21, 2012

Lesson 4: MLP G1 Animated Features part 2: The Movie

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My Little Pony The Movie was released in theaters in 1986, by Hasbro. And oh boy did they do a few things to greatly anger fans over the years. But we'll get to that later.

At Dream Castle, the Little Ponies (again, almost NONE of the previous ponies return from the TV specials) are preparing a festival to celebrate the first day of Spring. They even go as far as to hold a ballet, which Baby Lickety Split ruins by dancing her way instead of cooperating with the others. After being called on being a show off by the others, she runs away, followed by Spike, the Baby Dragon.

Meanwhile, in the Volcano of Gloom, the evil witch Hydia watches the event via her cauldron and, disgusted by the frivolity, tells her daughters that they must ruin it. Hydia's daughters, Draggle and Reeka, are incompetent at causing mischief and fail utterly at ruining the festival. They return to the Volcano of Gloom in disgrace, where Witch Hydia presents a better plan - they'll make Smooze. The sisters collect a series of disgusting ingredients, but neglect to obtain the Phlume, the prospect of which terrifies them. The spell seems to work regardless, creating a pool of sentient purple lava that gleefully buries Ponyland and then hardens like concrete. The pair is promptly made to get the Phlume, which completed the spell and Dream Castle is then also buried.

The ponies go to their friend, Megan, and her younger siblings, Danny and Molly, for friend. Who in turn tell them to go to the Moochic, who tells them to go find the Flutter Ponies. Thus begins an epic quest for living slime, weird friendly trolls called grundles who help Baby Lickitysplit and Spike, giant sunflowers, living trees, and much more. Eventually, they reach Flutter Valley, where they besiege the flutter ponies to help them.

Naturally, they receive the help they sought and the Smooze and the witches and driven back and piece in the restore to the valley. The grundles are given Dream Castle (despite there only being about six of them) and the ponies go to live in Paradise Estate,, the Moochic gave to them? Actually, no, it was because the toy for Dream Castle had been discontinued and was being replaced to Paradise Estate.

The film bombed in theaters, but seems to have a healthy shelf life on video.

In all, the film is not that good. By this time, the executives at Hasbro had put their foot down and insisted that the writers lighten up the tone of the series, which resulted in...

THIS being our main villains. They look like Strawberry Shortcake rejects...

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